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Discovering the right questions and the way forward with you.

What's Next

A successful strategy builds on understanding the world around you, and your place in it.

We apply the tried and tested methodologies of human sciences to business. Our systemic approach combines the micro and the macro so that society, business, technology and human behaviour can be understood as a connected whole.

As a result, our clients gain deep insights and methods which will help them execute and succeed in the ever-changing world of business.

That’s discovering where you can go next.

With You

We believe in working together. The ability to solve complex issues should never be outsourced to consultants.

At Noren, we base our work on co-creation. This means that key phases of the analysis are always done with you and your team, and often, the entire project is a collaboration. End-users, external experts, and key stakeholders also join in when necessary and beneficial.

This way of working helps you gain insight, learn, and grow your capabilities, making sure you’re set to succeed in the long haul.


Presentations are great, but too often a consultant’s work ends there. What you need is actionable insight for better decision-making, not another document.

That’s why we at Noren always deliver more than just a powerpoint presentation.

We test and validate the insights we discover with you in a real business environment. Our work is done when our co-creation leads to decisions, to action, and ultimately, to the way forward.

Our Offering,
in Short

Here’s what we could discover with you:

Build successful strategy
Gain deep insight of the dynamics shaping the marketplace and forsee your place in it. Build clear goal-setting frameworks to define and track objectives and their outcomes.

Identify emerging opportunities
Identify and assess growth opportunities in new products or services through nuanced cultural understanding of the markets.

Grow internal capabilities
Grow the insight and execution capabilities of your team and organisation.


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